Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jacob's Ladder

My sister and I love quilts.  We didn't always.  We recently had a conversation about how we just thought they were old weird blankets- I know...  we were crazy.  
But right about the same time (in different countries) we discovered a love for quilts, old and new.
My sister received a wedding ring quilt from her mother when she got married.  She never used it... until the summer of 2011.  She decided it would look nice on the guest bed in her daughter's room.  This was the same summer that I decided I wanted to learn to quilt and the same summer that I went to Germany and stayed with her for 5wks. 
I have spent at least 5 minutes staring at it every time I have visited her ever since.  It's gorgeous.  Of course I can't find any of my photos of it...but I promise to post some next week sometime. 

But on to the point of this post (So sorry has taken this long if you have kept reading).  I was just at my sister's house visiting a few weeks ago.  And on my first evening there she and I went to the guest room to make up the bed...when we were finished she went to the closet and pulled out a big bag and said, "Merry Christmas!"  I opened it up and there was a vintage quilt.

 I was SHOCKED. 
That might even be an understatement.  I cried.

Wendy explained that she and her mom decided that I should have one of their heirloom quilts.  Since I loved them so much - that way it was going to a loving home.  Mary (my sister's amazing mom) sent Wendy pictures of all of the options and Wendy picked this one.  And then forgot it when she came for Christmas.

It is amazing.  I didn't know what the pattern was called (Jacob's Ladder) until I saw a friend make one on Instagram. 

This was made around the 30's.  They folded over the binding (I have never done that, but apparently it is common). 

This block is my favorite.
Two of the pieces are wrong side. It is just neat.  Wendy and I loved looking through all of the fabrics and trying to figure out what they were used for originally.

She told me that she picked this quilt for me because it has a lot of Gray and Blue in it.  Go Tigers!   ;)

I am still in awe of this quilt.  And in my amazing family.  How cool is this as a gift? 

- Katelyn


  1. I am so jealous. This was an amazing gift. You are so lucky.

  2. What a lovely gift, and it's very nice that your sister's mum must think of you so fondly.
    I hope the quilts we are all making today will still be around in 80 years :)

  3. I am so glad you like this quilt! You are such a special young lady. You are so good and talented at making quilts. I'm sure your quilts will be around for a long time.
    Grammie Mary