Sunday, September 15, 2013


*warning: this post is picture filled ;)

I have no finishes...just tons of WIPs (Works in Progress).  When I first stared quilting (oh, 2ish years ago), I was a "work on one thing at a time" kinda girl.  But now...not so much.  There are just so many things that I want to try, I may be developing "crafter's ADD."  Most of my WIPs I would love to have completed by the winter months (i.e. Christmas - several are supposed to be gifts).

Not a gift, but it would be nice if I got around to quilting it.

We've got some new kids around here who need stockings.

Christmas ZigZag quilt

Space Invaders for the nephew...haven't even started on the back.  EEK!

Virtual Quilting Bee Blocks
1600 quilt

Learning the art of Cathedral Windows

Trying my hand at English Paper Piecing

Fabric Polaroid Swap

So many little time.  School work calls to me - but hopefully I will have a finish to share soon!


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